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The quantity of available nutrients…. Which refrigerant is commonly used is used in cold storage in our country a Ethylene b Carbide c Liquid Ammonia d Sodium Benzoate Answer: c. Those at greatest risk for food-borne illness include: a Infants and children b Pregnant woman c Immunosuppressed individuals. Answer: a. Which one of the following is a Climacteric type of fruit?

Answer: d.

Year 10 Food Technology Safety Test

A biological method of food preservation is:: a Drying b Adding salt c Freezing d Fermentation Answer: a. Which of the following is an organic molecule needed by the body in small amounts? Which of the following is non-Climacteric type of fruit? Emission of Ethylene during transportation of cut flowers cause a disorder which called as: a Bud opening b Sleepiness c Bent neck d Calyx splitting Answer: b. Which of the following is a non essential Amino? Bacteria that can grow in the absence of oxygen are called: a Anaerobes b Yeasts c Molds d Aerobes Answer: a.

First commodity for which grading and marketing rules were framed is a Tomato b Mango c Grape d Onion Answer: c. Which is the precursor of Ethylene?

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It is unwise to thaw meats or poultry:: a at room temperature b in the refrigerator c under cool running water d under cool running water Answer: a. Which of these does not contain a structural protein? Food additives may be used to: a Deceive customers b Disguise faulty products c Enhance appearance d Destroy nutrients Answer: c. Which of the following gas is essential for human? Which chemical is used for controlling sprouting of onions in storage? Melons for distant marketing arc picked at: a Half-slip stage b Full-slip stage c Green mature stage d None of these Answer: c.A tomato is red because of which material?

What is the common name for sodium chloride? Put your knowledge of food under the microscope in this quiz. Question: Which of these is the lemon rich in? Answer: The lemon is a rich source of vitamin C. Question: What is the common name for sodium chloride? Answer: Table salt is called sodium chloride.

Question: What is the active ingredient in baking soda? Answer: The active ingredient in baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Question: A tomato is red because of which material? Question: Which of these is not a protein?

Answer: Sucrose is a kind of sugar, a disaccharide. It is not a protein. Question: What compound is extracted from artichokes? Answer: Cyanin is a compound extracted from artichokes. It helps lower cholesterol and blood-sugar levels. Question: What vitamin does alcohol destroy? Answer: Alcohol destroys vitamin B, primarily thiamine, or vitamin B1. Question: Which of these is found in abundance in bananas? Answer: Bananas contain potassium, a chemical that helps in healthy brain function.

Food Science A tomato is red because of which material? The faster you answer, the higher your score. When you're done, try again to beat your best score! Facebook Twitter. Food Science. You finished! View Results Play Again. Quiz Results. Log in to save your scores! More Quizzes. Browse All Quizzes.

Your results. Are you a quizmaster? Share Your Score:. Compare your score. Your Score. Login or Join to track your quiz stats, save your best scores, and compete with the community!Are you a diploma holder in food production? Looking for a job in food sector? Are you in a confused state as to how to prepare for the interview? No worry, here are the interview tips given by wisdom jobs which are useful for your dream job.

Food production is nothing but preparing food in which raw materials are converted into readymade food products for human use either in home or food processing industries. A food production manager monitors day-to-day operations at food processing industries to make sure of finest quality and get maximum profit to the company.

There are wide opportunities available in this sector as food technician, food production engineer, food manufacturing associate, packaging specialist, food inspector etc.

So, to get selected in the interview please go through food production interview questions and answers at our page.

Question 1. Question 2. What Is Bake Blind? Answer : To partially or completely cook an unfilled pastry case. This is done by pricking the base of the case with a fork all over then lining the uncooked case with greaseproof paper and weighting it down with beans.

Cooking is between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on the recipe. Question 3. Is Technically Known As? Answer : Braising is defined as the cooking of whole food or large cuts in a covered container with an appropriate amount of liquid which forms the basis of the sauce.

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Braising usually takes place in an oven. Question 6. Answer : To cook meat that is too tough to roast but does not need to be cut into small pieces. Also to tenderise vegetables which contain tough cellulose. Question 7. Answer : Brown Braising where the food is browned beforehand and dark ingredients such as brown stock or other red meat, or red wine are used. White Braising where the food is blanched, refreshed and cooked in a white liquid such as white stock. Question 8.

Answer : where the food is covered with cold water, brought to boil, or as in the case of vegetables plunged into boiling liquid and rinsed under cold water to remove sediment and impurities, bitterness, and to stop discolouration.Hi ghan Shayam first I want say thank you. For valuable information these help me to scoring 35 question out of question of FSO jpsc exam in jharkhand So I hope you should continue you job in future always Your new valuable key points imply much a person like me and extremely more to my office workers.

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Show Answer. D 8 The acts repealed are: 1. The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 2. The Fruit Products Order, 3. The Meat Food Products Order, 4. The Milk and Milk Products Order, 8.

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Maintained by BE4U. Multiple Choice Questions on Food Processing. The process which gelatinised starch gets converted liquid to gel is called as a Putrefaction b Gel formation c Gelatinisation d Retrogradation 2. The enzymatic browning is due to the oxidation of phenols is a phenolase b tyrosinase c catecholase d orthoquinones 3. Vacreation refers to a Vacuum packaging b Vacuum creation c Vacuum sterilization d Vacuum pasteurization 5. What is the reason for blanching vegetables prior to freezing?

The device helps to detect the odour and flavour of food sample a Electronic nose b Electronic detector c Electronic analyser d Elecctronic odour separator 8. The preservation technique using radiation is also known as a cold sterilization b dry sterilization c heat sterilization d uperization Phosphatase test is used in the analysis of a water b tea c milk d all of these Learn more: MCQ on Enzymes Answers: 1. Hemani July 18, Anonymous October 04, Pimire December 18, Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Contents for questions on food science and technology. Food Chemistry questions. Food Processing, technology and Quality Control questions. Food Standards 50 questions. Food Engineering questions. Food microbiology questions.

Some important points in microbiology. Answers to food microbiology. Answers to biochemistry and nutrition. Food Engineering questions ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Bookmark not defined.

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Food Nutrition questions ………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Answers to food Nutrition ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

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mcq on food technology

Amir Meo. Cjay Antonio Telles.Shriveling in fermented pickles results from the physical effect of a too strong salt solution b too strong sugar solution c too strong vinegar solution d all of these Q. Too long a fermentation of sauerkraut may favour the growth of a Lactobacillus lactis b Lactobacillus brevis c Bacillus subtilis d none of these Q.

The potential spoilage organism in beer is a Saccharomyces diastaticus b S. The crushed grapes used for wine manufacturing are also known as a wort b Must c hop d pilsener Q. A special beer yeast of bottom type is a S. The Sarcina sickness of beer, caused by Pedicococcus cerevisiae is characterized by a sourness b turbidity c popiness d all of these Q.

Sarcina sickness of beer is caused by a Saccharomyces cerevisiae b Pedicococcus cerevisiae c S. Which of the following organism is found at the initial stages in the batter of Idli a Leuconostoc mesentroides b Aspergillus niger c Bacillus nation d none of these Q.

Yeast cells prefer aerobic conditions to multiply in number.

mcq on food technology

Pickles and sauerkraut share a common inoculum, which is a Lactobacillus plantarum b Lactobacillis bulgaricus c Lactobacillis acidophilus d Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Milk fermentation to produce cheese is done initially by inoculating with a Saccharomyces cerevisiae b Streptococcus lactis and Lactobacillus spp c Acetobacter and Gluconobacter d Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus Q.

During malting, barley and other grains are broken down by a heating to 95 oC. Food fermentations include a Leavening bread. Fermentation is the a production of alcoholic beverages by microorganisms.

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Set 2 Q. Stem and rots caused by species of molds involve a leaves of fruits b stem ends of fruits c spotting on vegetables d spotting on fruits Q. Anthrancnose is a defect which can be observed as a Spotting of leaves b spotting of seedpods c spotting of fruits d all of these Q.

Concentrate of fruits and vegetable juices a favor the growth of A. The predominant micro-organism in frozen foods are a bacteria b micro-coccus c yeast and moulds d none of these. Which of the following species of Clostridium is responsible for formation of dark green to black colours in cheese?

Hot foods must be maintained above 60 oC to inhibit microbial growth a True b False c none of the above d all of the above Q.

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Freezing at below oC will kill most pathogenic food bacteria and inactivate toxins. Salting, as a preservative a retards growth of Staphylococcus aureus b plasmolyzes bacteria and fungi c is used to prevent growth of halophiles d all of the above. Nitrates maintain the red color of preserved meats and a are among the most widely used preservatives b inhibit germination of botulism spores c maintain a high osmotic pressure to kill microorganisms d prevent mold Q.

Chemical preservatives do NOT include a organic acids b sulfites c alcohol d starch. The "flash method" or "high temperature short time" method exposes fluids to a heat below oC. Primary methods to prevent food spoilage do NOT include a radiation b heat c sugar d exposure. Set 3 Q. The chief type of spoilage in sweetened condensed milk may be a gas formation by sucrose fermenting yeasts b thickening caused by micrococci c mold colonies growing on the surface d all of the above.

An alkaline reaction in milk is caused by the alkali formers bacteria as a Pseudomonas fluorescens b A.